Solar Plexus Chakra

Last night I definitely had my confidence shaken. I believed in myself and that I was overcoming my fears and anxieties but last night my boyfriend got in an argument (drunk) and it brought up the past. I didn’t get much sleep so of course my solar plexus chakra today is definitely imbalanced if not completely closed. For those of you who are unaware of the solar plexus chakra it is the chakra that associates with your self identity, self esteem, and relationships. I would consider this one of the most powerful chakras because you can see this energy clearly through anyone and most importantly it radiates off of you. This chakra and I have a lot of problems because I feel at war with myself. It’s not my boyfriend or girls that don’t like me that make me feel one way or another. It’s me feeling that way about myself. I used to have my identity and I’m trying to find it again. So I meditated and listened to the solar plexus vibrations and I’m wearing yellow. I’m feeling better already. If you have the same issues with self-confidence and power or any physical problems (i.e irritable bowl syndrome, acid reflux, weight issues) find something you love and put your energy into that. Also, go lay out in the sun and imagine it radiating your solar plexus. Drink water and eat fiber. Make your tummy happy! && always remember to try and make other people feel good as well and this chakra will work its way open. Whether its slow or not to heal, always remember IT WILL. My dad always tells me you should never allow others to control your emotions, your focus, or your well being. You are the one in control.


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